Shop Service




We are your "One Stop Shop" for all your Material Handling Equipment needs. We offer service on all brands of forklifts, hand and power pallet jacks, industrial batteries, battery chargers, lift truck ramps, dock levelers, telehandlers, boom lifts, scissor lifts and piggy back forklifts.

Engine repair: We re-build our own engines and to factory specs. We also have a variety of engines and transmissions on the shelf, saving our customers valuable down time.

Transmission repair: we’re build our own transmissions to a factory specs

Industrial battery service: We repair and re-condition all brands of industrial batteries. From cell replacement to cable replacement, field Service Repairs, Battery PM Service, Acid Adjustments, Load Bank testing, Complete Battery Washing & Neutralization, Battery Disposal, Maintenance Training, Battery Room Layouts and Battery Rental

Custom hydraulic repairs: We rebuild cylinders, valves, pumps and motors. Wholesale equipment can also re shaft cylinders and manufacture hydraulic cylinders to specs, we can make any hydraulic hose size or length in house for faster and at a lower cost to you.

Tires: we can install any tires size on your forklift from pallet jacks wheels to 1400 X 20 tires black tire or nun marking, smooth or trade  we have 3 mobile hydraulic tire press that we can go up and down in the valley you tell us were to go and will be there to do the installation or you can bring the tires to us.  

Custom hydraulic repairs on any forklift attachment: we can custom make and install any attachment on your unit from bale clamp, roll clamp rotating clamp or pull/push attachments on your forklift   

Fab Shop: We have fabrication and machining capabilities to address special repairs or modifications.

Welding: We have certified welders, and we have the capability to do welding at your location.

We have the necessary equipment, insurance, and expertise to transport your equipment to our shops when necessary for major repairs or modifications.

If you need major repairs on your forklift, our shop service is for you. We can pick up and deliver your forklift for a flat rate, or you can deliver it to our shop yourself. Our service department will diagnose and prepare an estimate and give you a time frame for completion of the repair.

We will provide a qualified mechanic within a maximum of 2 hours after you call and will make every attempt to be there sooner if possible.