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Our Commitment

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The Power of Responsibility


We embrace our responsibilities.

 Individually and collectively we make meaningful commitments—first to each other, and then to those with whom we work, live and serve. We understand and focus on the needs of our customers. We are global citizens and responsible members of our communities who are dedicated to safety, care for our environment and manage our business ethically. We know it is both our duty and our honor to carry the IFI Industrial Forklift heritage forward.

We put Commitment in action when…


We Protect the Health and Safety of Others and Ourselves

As a company, we strive to contribute toward a good environment in which all people can work safely and live healthy, productive lives, now and in the future. We actively promote the health and safety of everyone on our property with policies and practical programs that help individuals safeguard themselves and their co-workers. As employees, we put safety first by creating a work environment to protect the health and safety of others and ourselves. We actively promote safe practices throughout our value chain—from suppliers to end users. We are committed to providing our customers with products and services that are safe and reliable in the marketplace.


We Support Environmental Responsibility through Sustainable Development

 We strive to create stockholder value by providing customers with solutions that improve the sustainability of their operations. We leverage technology and innovation to increase our efficiency and productivity while reducing environmental impact. We develop new business opportunities that help our customers, dealers, distributors and suppliers do the same. Our products and services will meet or exceed applicable regulations and standards wherever they are initially sold. We lead industry and community initiatives that share our commitment to making sustainable progress possible.


We Take Personal Responsibility

 We are committed to the success of IFI Industrial Forklift. We are each personally accountable for meeting both individual and shared goals. We demonstrate leadership by holding ourselves individually responsible for enhancing value.

 We Protect Our Hard Assets, Our Brands and Our Other Intellectual Property

 We go to extraordinary lengths to preserve, protect and responsibly use all of our assets. This includes tangible as well as intangible assets, such as our brands, technology, business information and intellectual capital. We will not make unauthorized disclosure of trade secrets or other sensitive information belonging to the company, our customers, dealers or suppliers—either during employment by our company or thereafter. When sharing company information with others, we ensure appropriate controls are in place to protect our interests. While we may hire individuals who have knowledge and experience in various technical areas, we do not employ people as a means of gaining access to trade secrets and sensitive information of others. We have a personal responsibility to use every appropriate means to safeguard our company’s assets from loss, theft, damage or misuse.


We Safeguard Our Confidential Information

  We consider every piece of information we own an asset. Some of it we share with others through advertising, product documentation, news releases and public financial reporting. Everything else—including trade secrets, confidential financial information, new product or service development plans and other sensitive corporate and personal information—we protect through careful attention to Information Protection Guidelines and interpersonal communication, appropriate management of Corporate Records, the secure use of all communications media and, where applicable, legally enforceable agreements.


 We Use Electronic Communications Technology Responsibly and Professionally

 Electronic communication technology plays a vital role in how we conduct our business every day. Access to the Internet and use of IFI Industrial Forklift Intranet systems, e-mail, telephones, fax machines and mobile devices are important. The company’s technology is maintained for legitimate business activities by authorized individuals, and to support a positive, professional business climate. As employees, we are expected to use such technology in a responsible and professional manner consistent with the Code and other company policies.


 We Recognize and Respect Personal Privacy

 We recognize and respect the personal information privacy interest of individuals. We collect and process only relevant, accurate information needed or appropriate for business purposes, and do so only by lawful and fair means. We appropriately safeguard the security and confidentiality of company records containing personal information whether those records are held by IFI Industrial Forklift and limit access to such information only to those who have a legitimate business need for it when permitted by law.


We Are Pro-Active Members of Our Communities

 As individuals and as a company, we contribute significant time and resources to promoting the health, welfare and economic stability of our communities. We encourage all employees to participate in community activities that promote the common good. We believe that our success should also contribute to the quality of life in, and the prosperity and sustainability of, communities where we work and live.


 We Make Responsible Ownership and Investment Decisions

 IFI Industrial Forklift investments must be compatible with social and economic priorities, local laws, customs and traditions of the countries where we do business. In all cases, our conduct should promote acceptance and respect for our company. We also expect that our host countries will recognize our need for stability, growth and business success, and that they will honor their agreements, including those relating to rights and properties of citizens of other nations.



We Participate in Public Matters in an Appropriate Manner

 Our employees should feel free to participate in public matters and political processes according to their individual beliefs and citizenship rights. Where we participate as individuals in public matters or the political process we must be mindful that such activity is done in our individual capacity as private citizens and not on behalf of our company, and we must make this clear to all involved. The company engages in public policy issues vital to IFI Industrial Forklift success and supports committees aimed at encouraging political contributions by individuals and, from time to time—with the approval of the Chairman—may make political contributions as laws allow.


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